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Stokis Nutrisi Otak Herbal Brainking Plus

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Brainking Plus | Brain Nutrition International | The Best Brain Nutrition


>> Brainking Plus That's What ??

Brainking Plus is a brain food formula made from natural ingredients that are created through a very lengthy research by Dr. Irfan Buchari PhD an expert in nutrition and brain Farmakology Indonesia so as to produce an innovative product with international standards

Brainking Plus is a Nutraceutical Products (nutrition) consisting of active substances of organic crops with serum form with an absorption rate that is so high that it will not burden the blood, especially for patients with renal failure so it is good in consumption by anyone in the long term without any side effects ..

>> What Raw Materials Brainking Plus ??

Brainking Plus is made from plants such active substances:Centella asiatica 70 mg, cinnamon 70mg, 60 mg Noni, Aloe Vera 30 mg, 20 mg Sambiloto, bark, Apples to 0.3 ml, Honey until 1ml, and other ingredients such as mangosteen peel, ginseng, Lactobasillus Acidophylus 0.025 ml and other materials up 100%.

>> What advantages Brainking Plus ??

Brainking Plus Working at cell level by therefore Brainking Plus has Kemampusan holistic healing.Brainking Plus works on the nerves so the penetration is very fast, especially for those who have problems with the nervous system.Brainking Plus with komposisina ideal to accelerate the growth and nerve grafting so Brainking Plus also serves as Brain Conector.
Brainking Plus has three main requirement in the healing that is detoxing} {eliminating toxins and activate cell AKTIVATING {sleep} and {Balancing maintain the balance of body system}

>> How to Work Brainking ??

  •  Brainking Plus Work In Holistic ( overall )
By balancing the electric waves right brain and the left brain so it is good for mental and emotional stability, including those experiencing mental problems of depression, epilepsy etc.

  • Brainking Plus Working in Nerves Tepi
Namely nervous system problems related to human senses such as hearing problems, sight, smell, taste, and touch.

  • Brainking Plus Spinal Repair Nerves
That nerve is located in the spinal cord are directly related to all the vital organs in the human body members such as Heart, Lung Lever, Kidney Pancreas, Reproductive Organs, etc.

>> Is There Detox Process?

The detoxification process is a natural process in the body Yag experienced when conditions mullai work toxin discard this process can be quick or long depending on the levels of toxin each body.

>> What There Special Tips Use Brainking ??

To get the maximum results in recommended at least the first 3 months if you can not get stops.

>> Do Brainking Can Help Autistic Children?

One of them is the cause of children with autism is a metal that settles in the brain that cause dependently flow of electricity to the brain thus making communication systems and motoric disturbed that affect the capability of your reflexes in children so that children tend to become unmanageable alias absorbed in her own world and one of the ways it works Brainking Plus is Mendetok heavy metals to the level of a brain cell and clicking enable motoric system in the brain.

>> How Percent success rate ??

According to the results of research Dr Irfan Buchori PhD and other Yag medical team, 80% of patients experienced a significant improvement and 20% can not be helped because it was too slow penangannanya and lack of discipline in the use and lifestyle aggravate  unfavorable circumstances.

<< Suggestions for use: >>

Taken 2 x day in the morning and afternoon at least 1 hour before eating or drinking anything, should not be in the mix of milk, coffee, tea as it will mengurangimanfaat of Brainking Plus tersebut.

>>__Testimonials_Brainking Plus_<<

  • Chandra (17 th) Tangerang

People with ADHD / Autism that consumes BRAINKING Plus from the age of 3 years, is now fully recovered, but still brainking plus consumption, so that it becomes a child genius. The school has always been a champion and get the highest UAN se South Tangerang district.

Chandra also mastered English and Japanese while never courses, high school graduation, simultaneously Chandra tests at three different university well as the UI, UGM and STAN, Chandra extraordinary welcome in all three University. Dahsyatnya BRAINKING Plus makes the human brain into a Smart and Smart Growth.

  • Kenth Bimantara Anugraha (Hyperactive)

Kenth child overactive, can not be silent and taciturn, after consuming Brainking Plus occur within 1 month of extraordinary development, Kenth child becomes more focused and more intelligent talk. A significant increase and is different from the situation before taking the product Bigking Science. Bigking Science!

  •     Bill Yudhisthira - Jimbaran Bali (Less Concentration & Forgetfulness)

Previous lack of concentration and often forgotten in the study, but after drinking Brainking Plus from Bigking Science in 1 month, then it becomes more and more focus, concentration in learning, and her memory the better in capturing the lessons in school. Thanks Bigking.

  •     Made Adnyana, Nusa Dua, Bali (Children Autism)

My son named Arthajaya (6thn), my child with autism, my son always sleep at 2 am, kept her breathing had geruk-geruk and can not be silent (on all). After I gave "Brainking Plus" changes pretty good, my son is now more silent and his now 9 pm, his breathing had not sounded again. I calmed down with my son change. Thanks bigking .. !!!

  •  Rosita's mother, 50 Years - Penatih, Bali (Intelligent because Brainking)

My son: Tito, 10 yrs Grade 5 elementary school, initially learning less so, asked to study hard once, repeat always value her 6 s / d 7. But after I gave "brainking plus" for 1-2 weeks, there is a change rara avis on my child. Tito is now diligently studying without prompting and his test scores increased to 9.5 s / d 9.8. Alas I am proud of this product .. Thanks Bigking .. !!!

  •  Brainking testimony of Ms. Umi, Surabaya

My son Panji 5 years, psychomotor delay, a new 4 year old could walk. It's still hard to talk, run, lift one leg (not balanced). According to Prof. Liu Guang Zhou China my child there is a problem in the cerebellum so problematic in the balance nerve. Nearly five years have I everywhere the recommended until eventually met with Brainking.

Earlier I doubt, the time anyway so, I graduated from pharmacy and I know about the composition of Brainking, initially I was trying to make, I find literature, and so on, but ended up with difficulty. And when I attended the seminar dr. Irfan explained the manufacturing process is not easy and proof that her son recover, he convinced me to try.

The early days of use, my child bedwetting could 20x a day, then midnight diarrhea until the morning (I consider it to detox). I also mendietkan my son flour and milk. The current development of the Panji easier invited communications, governed, and the movement much better. Now begin to lift one leg, could rattle educational game more difficult, talk too much more though not too clear. We wish a speedy recovery Panji over time. Thanks Bigking science .. !! 


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B KING adalah formula nutrisi untuk otak yang di buat oleh Dr IRFAN BUCHARI Ph.D seorang ahli Farmakology , peneliti dan pakar nutrusi otak indonesia ,
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